Where do we ship?

Automation Service accepts orders from all the world and can ship to any address in the world.

Automation Service offers different shipping ways to satisfy your needs and you can choose the Standard or the Express delivery.

How much does it cost?

Shipping costs depend by options you choose, product dimensions and weight and where the product has to arrive (international or national shipment).

How do we ship? (ways and delivery terms)

We provide a delivery option selection that let you choose how much fast you would want to receive your order.

Express DHL – Express International 24H (24H-48H)

-          Maximum weight: 70 KG

-          Delivered with signature

-          Check your tracking number in

Standard DHL – Express International 48H (48H-72H)

-          Maximum weight: 70KG

-          Fast delivery in 220 countries

-          Delivered with signature

-          Check your tracking number in


When do we ship?

When you make an order, we will organize the shipment and delivery terms based on your article availability (articles availability are showed by icon in each detail page and selected with different colours:

you can check if the item is in stock or how much time you can receive it or if it’s out of stock) and shipment ways you choose (Express or Standard).

Delivery terms will be confirmed in our orders  and in the order summary.

Where can you find the package?

It’s possible to check the package after the order, thanks to the tracking number you will received when the material will be shipped.

Automation Service will try to make every shipping in time and without damages or problems.


**When you’re gonna receive your order, before to sign the transport document make sure to check the package, also if there are not exterior damages around the box.